Welcome to the HEI API project (beta), which aims to provide up-to-date basic information on Higher Education Institutions engaged in activities and programs in Europe and should act as a central information source for various initiatives and services provided by the European University Foundation (EUF) and it's partners.

This site contains Institution data in HTML (webpage) format and more importantly provides several public API endpoints with Institution data in JSON:API compliant format. See the full HEIAPI specification using the OpenAPI format for more details.

Institution data

Check a single Institution's basic information stored in the project database, using it's SCHAC code. Just input them into your browsers address bar following the examples below:

URLs: /schac/{schac_code}

Examples of use:

Publicly available API endpoints

We have good news for the technical-minded! This service has publicly available endpoints accessible with any http client, (including a browser). All endpoints provide data in JSON format, following the JSON:API specification.

General rule: The version declaration can be omitted in the URLs. Doing that will automatically open the latest version of the API endpoints.

Current latest version is: v1

Institutions index endpoint

Provides an index of every Institution present in the project database, with country information and identifiers for each HEI.

URL for latest version/api/public/hei

URL for specific version (v1)/api/public/v1/hei

Allowed methods: GET

Countries endpoint

Provides an index for Institution data by listing countries and a link pointing to the list and data of Institutions for the selected country.

URL for latest version/api/public/country

URL for specific version (v1)/api/public/v1/country

Allowed methods: GET

Institutions by country endpoints

Provides a list of Institutions in the country provided as a parameter. Parameter should be the country's ISO-3166 Alpha-2 two letter code. The countries endpoint provides the ISO code data.

URLs for latest version/api/public/country/{iso_code}/hei

URLs for specific version (v1)/api/public/v1/country/{iso_code}/hei

Allowed methods: GET

Try a few of the Institutions by country endpoints:

Institutions by schac code endpoints

Provides data for the Institution with the schac code in the URL. Possible parameter values can be found in the Institutions index endpoint, their name is hei_id in the response.

URLs for latest version/api/public/schac/{schac_code}/hei

URLs for specific version (v1)/api/public/v1/schac/{schac_code}/hei

Try a few of the Institutions by Schac endpoints (all point to latest version):